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Our Outstanding results make us the 1st choice for chiropractic care in the La Mesa, CA.


My family and I have been coming to Vision Chiropractic regularly since my first visit in 2005.

I've had lower back pain since my early 20's, but the symptoms have gotten much worse after having children.

Before I started coming to Vision for adjustments, my treatment for pain was taking pain medications. But, after a short time the pain would return and I'd take more medicine - the cycle was endless. I've tried acupuncture, massage, and Epsom salt baths as well, but those worked only for a short peiod of time. The pain and tightness always returned.

After my second child was born, I experienced a herniated disc in my lower back. I could barely move for more than a month. my husband had to work from home to take care of our young children and me. It was a very difficult time for all of us, but I never considered getting back surgery. With Dr. Rick's help, slowly but surely, I got better. I am very thankful that he made special arrangements to meet with us in his office after hours or even weekends during that time.

My personal benefits for getting chiropractic care are: feeling much less pain = less medication; more mobility; being able to understand and listen to my own body; and if having pain, handling it better to heal faster.

My children have been under Dr. Rick's care since a very young age. I believe that they are also getting these beneifts.

Thank you Vision Chiropractic!

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